Top Five: Skills That Will Get You A Job

August 26th at 2:55pm Link2Jobs

Welcome to our praised TOP FIVE series. This week, we will present you the very best skills that will ease your way to a nice job. Don’t forget to add them to your resume, as they can sure make you outshine everyone else, for the most part. Of course, these are abilities that you need to have or develop before being hired. Otherwise you will be downright cheating to get a job which in the end, when you don’t perform as expected, will leave you fired and frustrated. Be sure to check them all out and see which one better adapts to you.

  1. SPOTLESS SPEECH If you have the gift of speech which has become super rare these days, you are pretty much guaranteed a job in different areas or trades. Communication is and has always been essential in business and an immaculate discourse is something worthy of a, if not many, job proposals. If you lack in this ability, then you better start working on it because as soon as you update your CV with it, job proposals will rain.

  2. BRUTE STRENGTH This might sound funny to you but according to recent stats, companies have started to hire people based mainly on their physical strength. While this was a common scene is trades like construction, warehouses, delivery and moving companies and the like, nowadays paradigms are changing since more and more non-traditional businesses are hiring people with this characteristic since they can be much more apt for different chores in general. You better start going to the gym soon if you want to increase your opportunities of getting a job.

  3. DRIVING Having a car and being able to drive are two of the best skills that can be on your resume right now. More positions that demand people to drive or at least o have the ability to drive a vehicle are opening every day. This might be due to the fact that companies are trying to diversify their economical target as hence they try to adapt their staff to these needs. Driving can be a living hell depending on the traffic of your city but it can sure land you a job quicker.

  4. LANGUAGES Oui, languages is one of the brightest skills you can develop in order to find a job. In this world where distances and languages have come very close through the use of internet, being bilingual, trilingual or just immensely multilingual grants you the befenits of being able to look for a job outside your borders. The awesome capacity to communicate fluently in other languages sure is a boost in your curriculum vitae.

  5. COMPUTER ACQUAINTANCE If you know how to use a computer and know your way around the web, chances of becoming an employee increase exponentially. Everyday more and more positions are available to work online. This means that people that are out of this loop will not be able to access them giving you a nice head start. Be sure to take advantage of this essential skill.

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