Top-Five: Sculpting A Flawless Resume

July 11th at 2:55pm Link2Jobs

On this first take of our brand new series of articles that we have originally titled TOP-FIVE, we bring you a set of bullet points that will guide you to come up with the best resume your experience and schooling has to offer. With the help of these five tips, you can envisage and make a bright CV within minutes.

  1. AVOID THE USE OF GENERIC INFORMATION AT ALL COST In this world where there is so much competition in job-hunting, generic abilities and skills plastered all over your CV seem to get you nowhere. Despite how much you want them to make your profile more interview-inviting, truth is nobody ever pays attention to them anymore. Nowadays, they only seem to take important space that may be used for more interesting information that can actually help you get a Job. Yeah, everyone is organized and proficient these days.

  2. ORGANIZE YOUR INFORMATION For your resume to make a positive impact, it absolutely needs to be pleasant, esthetically. This means, you should never come up with weird schemes, diagrams, tabs and whatnot that might end up turn your resume into an unpleasant read. Avoid using graphics, images, pictures or anything else that might distract your potential boss-to-be from your main goal which is to have him or her consider your resume.

  3. THE TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH You might be thinking that little white lie will not hurt and it will make you look good but guess what? it won’t. And you know what’s worse? When your boss finds out you lied on your resume (because most of the time, bosses do find out), you will be in ill terms with this company. Plus you can say goodbye to any references from this position. Take this as a rule of thumb: if you need to lie to get a job, maybe it’s not the right place where you should be working.

  4. KISS THEORY, IT WORKS AMAZINGLY The K.I.S.S. theory (Keep It Simple, Stupid) is king. The simpler your resume is, the better results it will yield to you. Nobody wants to go through a book-sized resume when you can summarize the utmost important information into one single page. Of course, this means you will have to sacrifice significant information but try to keep in mind what’s important for your interviewer and use that as an advantage. Nobody cares if you won a spelling bee contest back in elementary school anyway.

  5. CUSTOM-MADE RESUMES For every job there is a boss and every boss looks for different talents and characteristics when going through a resume to hire a new employee. A piece of advice would be for you to make up different resumes that can match the necessities of the different positions you might be applying for. This way you can highlight your strengths accordingly.

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