Top Five: Leaving A Good Impression In An Interview

July 11th at 2:55pm Link2Jobs

In this second article of our TOP FIVE series, we present you with what we consider are the five most successful tips you need to take into account and put into practice during a job interview. These key advices will pave the way for you to leave a positive impression on your interviewer and drive you closer to being hired on the spot! It takes a little research, politeness, assertiveness, and a bit of common sense but this recipe will help you success in your quest.

  1. KNOW A LITTLE ABOUT THE COMPANY THAT WILL HIRE YOU Exploring your future company’s mission, vision and perspective is a helpful move since not only will it permit you compare your goals with theirs and see if you have a bright future there but it will also allow you to speak with a little more confidence in our interview. You will definitely score some points if you mention these or make a link between them and the job position you are being interviewed for. Doing this can easily be done by checking out their website or even their social media feeds. It doesn’t take long and the benefits you will get from this are countless.

  2. FIT YOUR ANSWERS TO THEIR RESPECTIVE QUESTIONS Sometimes during an interview, there will be questions that you will want to answer extensively and give a long explanation and even try to merge different aspects including personal opinions and beliefs into that answer. This is never a good idea as you might be perceived as a chatty Mc chatter guy or gal and while that is not necessarily a bad thing, during an interview, it is not the image you want to portray. Plus, this monumentally increases your chances of making a mistake. And if that wasn’t enough, remember that ninety percent of your interview is based on short, straight-to-the-point questions that call for simple, straightforward answers.

  3. IMPRUDENT QUESTIONS ARE A NO GO A job interview is an opportunity to find out perks about your future job that you might not be aware of. This is an edge that when used wisely, it grants excellent results as it can give you a wider room for interaction plus you will be in the position of the asker and not the answerer. This role exchange is always good as communication and information in general becomes much more impactful. BUT (and a big but here) if you use the benefit to ask impertinent and out-of-line questions i.e. –may I take pencils home?- you might lose any credibility you might have had. Au contraire, do ask questions that are directly related to your duties, obligations and benefits. This will make you look more interested in performing well on the job.

  4. DRESS AND ACT FABULOUS Look successful, be successful. That’s how things roll in this job-hunting world. In order for you to be taken seriously in a job interview, you need to look your very best. According to ESPN Fashion Editor Samantha Rubin, dressing accordingly for any occasion is extremely important. Even more so for such an important meeting that is a job interview as it makes you look more professional, responsible and hire-worthy. The expert also gives suggestions on what colors to wear depending on the type of position you are opting for.
    If you’re looking at an entry level position or your first job, bright colors might be the way to go as they can make you feel fresh, willing to learn and to stand out. If you are, on the other hand aiming for a higher-level position, obscure colors are more fitting as they can make you look more mature, reliable and non-expendable. Choose your attire wisely and you will score a few extra points. Jeans and a tank top don’t bode well in this day and age.

  5. TRY TO ANSWER QUESTIONS AS IF YOU WERE PART OF THE TEAM Always make sure to structure your answers as if you were already an employer. This type of expressions might help your cause because you are unconsciously making your interviewer think and actually believe you are already there. Here is an example of how you can come up with an impactful sentence: As a [insert position here] I would do my very best to improve [insert company goal here] by doing [insert clever action here] and thus improving both mine and the company’s performance overall.

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