Top Five: Job Etiquette

August 23rd at 1:34pm Link2Jobs

In this new entry of our TOP FIVE series, we bring you 5 fundamental behaviors that you absolutely need to put in practice if you want to be considered a team player. With these tidbits, you will be considered a respectable, friendly, and trustworthy employee and will be able to enjoy the benefits that this brings along. Nobody wants to be the clown or the ogre of the office. Those imposed and utterly shameful nicknames are super hard to shake off too.

  1. ALWAYS BE POLITE, ALWAYS This is bar none, the best way to make true friends in a new job or office. Saying hi every time you meet a coworker, introduce yourself in a courteous manner, using proper language (read non-rude) and staying far, far away from gossips and water cooler rumors are one of the best things you can for your professional self. This conduct will pay positive benefits in no time.

  2. BE A HELPING HAND An associate of yours needs a quick favor and you can do it without causing you major inconveniences? Go ahead! Doing favors is a guaranteed recipe for having favors returned and plus you will get to build a camaraderie along the way. As long as you are doing it sincerely and the favor is legit, a favor is a friendship bridge.

  3. SMILE YOUR WAY TO A BETTER POSITION If you want to be considered a friendly person, smiling is the highway that will lead you there. According to experts, a smiling person has a better chance at being promoted at work thus increasing economical as well as social benefits than those who don’t. They even explain that smiling has health benefits as well. Since you are generally in office 9–to-5, best thing you can do is smile as often as possible as there are next to no consequences from this act! Smile away.

  4. BE HUMBLE You have a PhD degree from Harvard University? Maybe you graduated with honors a l'université de Montréal? While this is in general a perfect topic of conversation during a job interview but talking about this to your coworkers is a whole other story. It can sound as extremely elitist and downright off-putting. As long as there is no need to bring it up, don’t even think about making this your introducing sentence, as probably nobody in your staff with care about this but you. You will almost certainly also be shortening your friend list at work as not too many people are keen on befriending the pompous new associate.

  5. PARTICIPATE IN OFF-OFFICE MEETINGS These may happen once or twice a year but you need to make it a new rule for yourself to assist to these parties as this is your best chance of getting to know your colleagues outside workplace. You can get to see and interact with a new facet in these persons lives that can become a long-term friendship. You are also able to hang out without the pressure and stress that your office might put onto your shoulders which is a big plus.

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