Jobs That Might Go Extinct By 2027

August 25th at 5:34pm Link2Jobs

There are new jobs and positions invented every day. If you think this through, you will realize how incredibly unbelievable this is. Close to 40% of the positions related to IT did not even exist ten years ago and if we go back further in time? About 90% of these positions hadn’t even been heard of during the first years of this new century. Imagine, during the new millennium celebration, there were no social networks, no smart phones, no HD, no wifi and not one of the positions that these new gadgets or improvements have created.

Of course, every story has an end. Sometimes a position gets the short stick and goes the way of the dodo. If you are in your late thirties, you might remember beepers. These were the smart phones of the early 90’s. And as lame as that was, there was a whole workforce that worked in this field. Nowadays, they have had to shift to other jobs because the evolution of technology has left them out of the working scene.

Just like it has happened in the past, some jobs we have today might be a thing of the past in ten years. Evolution of technology is so rampant that in just a decade the professional occupation can change completely to a point it barely resembles what we have today. One of the areas that is prone to disappears sometime soon is redaction. With each new installment of software applications that cover this field, redactors become less and less needed. Considering the fact that new iterations are proving to be as accurate as a human being but can do the job for much longer and for quite less dough, it’s no surprise horizon looks that grim for them.

Another profession that seems to be on its last leg is private teachers and tutors. Nowadays, if someone needs to know or understand anything, their first choice is looking for it online. Be it blogs, forums, videos and whatnot. There simply is not enough room for private tutors in this day and age since the target audience has been diminishing vastly.

Psychology is yet another profession that has seen better years. Believe or not, people are become more and more skeptical about the capabilities of these professionals of the human mind. It’s not that people don’t need them. It’s the fact that there are so many alternatives out there that they are quickly becoming a problem rather than a solution. On a general basis, a psychologist can treat patients or years on end on a single issue whereas more recent options such as virtual groups through the use of apps can help you overcome your shadows in less time, free of charge and it even molds to your schedule.

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