Is a PHD Degree Worth It?

August 29th at 2:55pm Link2Jobs

Many often fantasize about obtaining a PhD degree. Be it for professional goals, bragging rights, monetary grounds, educational threshold or any other reason, coursing this, sometimes elusive path is something everyone should give a second thought about before starting.

According to PhD Graduate in Math from New Jersey Institute of Technology Jonas Criden:

“You need to set your goals and needs straight from the very beginning or you may be in for a rough ride”

The expert mentions a few important aspects that play an important role in the personal, professional and educational life of a Candidate of such level of education.

-First of all you have your job. According to recent data, nearly all PhD aspirants have a full-time job that demands time and effort. This is by far the toughest adversary that your Diploma can have. Working eight hours a day is a strenuous activity but then you need to add the time you dedicate to your studies. That is when things get a bit more complicated.

-On top of that, most of them have families or other situations in their personal life that demand time, effort, resources and money. Studying any career can be super time consuming and just like a baby, it needs our attention and love for it to grow healthy, especially in this level of education.

-You need to be mature to take this decision. This cannot be stressed enough. Sometimes people enroll on this marvelous trail only to find out it’s not what they were thinking or what they had planned all along. This needs to be researched, planned, thought and executed very well in order to obtain the results you set for yourself.

-This is a team decision. It is not simple and frankly most of the times it’s not just up to the candidate to make the choice of enrolling of a course like this. Family members, friends and even colleagues also take part in what is probably going to be a life-changing decision and experience.

A PhD education can be a rewarding experience from the get go. As long as you are willing to add it to your long-term life plans and make it part of your every-day life, you should not run into any unexpected hurdles.

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