How To Line Up Your Professional And Personal Goals

August 24th at 5:34pm Link2Jobs

What to do when your professional goals are interfering with your personal ones? Most of the time people hope to get a job to afford personal interests and hobbies but then again, one of their personal goals is to find a job. If you are torn between these two, let me tell you something, you are not doing a very good job at prioritizing since basically everything in your adult life revolves around these two elements and you ought to properly merge them together so you can live in harmony.

It can be almost virtually impossible to sacrifice one in favor of the other since they are basically codependents. For instance, you can’t just quit your job and run off to an existence of fulfillment and happiness without worrying how you are going to pay for it all and you absolutely cannot live happily if you are a workaholic either as that will bring a catastrophic result upon you and your family. As you can see in these two simple and minimalistic examples, both extreme and polarizing perspectives can hurt you in different ways.

What you need in your life is balance. A mixture of these two ingredients can go a long way in the search of happiness. Some people love jobs some others vacations. Happy people are those who are able to enjoy the best of both worlds and guess what? You can be one of them by simple being more open minded. You can’t hate jobs forever and you simply can’t refuse to treat yourself every now and then because YOU DESERVE IT (that’s right, capital letters all throughout!).

The key to success in this regard is to plan ahead, a lot. It may take a long time to do so but you can be master of this domain if you start realizing you need both of these aspects in your life. On one hand you have your job, and as dreadful as it may be, it gives you the opportunity to go out of your house, talk to your coworkers, contribute to society, build up discipline, exercise yourself professionally, become economically independent and there is also the satisfaction of knowing that there is an entire staff that needs you and your skills to move forward. That alone should be reason enough to keep you going.

On the other hand, you have your personal goals. They may include but are not limited to learning a new language, take a month-long vacation all over South America, get a new professional certification, learn how to practice a sport by watching youtube videos and even make it to the Olympics and so on and on. By doing this type of activities, you will be able to refresh your daily routine and be able to recharge your batteries in order to distance yourself away from monotony. Another plus on these is that they are indeed necessary as the take stress away. You owe it to yourself to life a more composed life from now on.

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